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Welcome to the Nash Indian Riders



This group is about connecting Motorcycle and enthusiasts together. We want to promote friendship and goodwill, and enhance the lives of our members and all motorcycle riders through encouraging safe riding and experiencing the freedom of the open road. We want to provide riders with an ultimate riding experience and have FUN while doing so.


Current Members can access our Riders Group Facebook page by clicking here.



Home Base: Indian Motorcycle of Racine & The Nash Bar and Restaurant

522 6th Street

Racine, Wi 53405


Membership Fee: $20.00 a rider per year

                             Sign Up Bonus: $10.00 gift certificate to the dealership

                                                 $15.00 gift certificate to The Nash


Buying a motorcycle:  A year free membership

                                                  $ 50.00 gift certificate to The Nash


Membership Includes:


· Group Dinner Rides

· 10% off Meals at The Nash (does not include liquor)

· Group Volunteer Opportunities

· Group Ride to Events in and out of the area

· Great People that love to ride

· Over Night Trips Forming Now

·One meeting per month (2nd Saturday of the month)


Why join Nash Indian Riders:


· Brotherhood & Sisterhood


· Organization of the Group

· Sense of Achievement

· A means to Advance your Mission or Purpose

·Safety in Numbers

· A Place to Bond with Like Minded People.


You don’t need a Riders Group to ride a motorcycle. You can ride forever with friends and truly enjoy yourself. Joining a Riders Group is about joining a family. It is about brotherhood, honor, loyalty, sharing, respect, protocol and dedication.