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So Why The Nash ?

We struggled with coming up with just the right name for our bar and restaurant. We had well over 100 different names that were suggested and none seem to work. Then on January 24, 2017 our father, Anthony S. Porcaro passed away at the age of 99. While we were planning his funeral we came across a photo of our late mother, Yolanda (Rende) Porcaro who at the time of the photo was the secretary to the president of Nash motors. We reminisced about a story that her father had told us about. In the early stages of the meeting, our mom told our father that she would be able to get a part for his 1941 Nash Ambassador that he was unable to obtain. He didn't believe her, but true to her word she had the part in hand the very next day and got our father his part for $.56. We continue to go through photos and came across a photo of our dad sitting on the hood of his 1941 Nash ambassador. Knowing that this very building was originally built to be at Nash Studebaker dealership it was obvious to us the name had to be the Nash…

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